Hotel internship June 7, 2016
Hi, I applied for hotel internship program after I got working holiday visa however, my English was really poor. So I decided to learn English in the Philippines before I go to Australia. I was introduced 5 star resort in Cairns, Australia as a house-keeping. It is kind of fun to work with other friends. After working the resort for 6 months, I had to work at the farm for 3 months to get second working holiday visa.
Earn $11,000 in 3 months Jan 11, 2016
I did not have enough money to learn English, so I applied to work at the farm first.
I was informed to be in cairns by Saturday for the Orientation. So I went to the farm and talked to the manager, he informed me to start working next Monday.
First day, after the orientation, I went to the mall to buy things that I need, and the manager took me to the share house. Actually, I did not have high expectation about living condition.
Permanent Visa Aug 18, 2015
I am currently working at Breville after I got Australian permanent visa. even if it took me 4 years, it is worth challenging. When I was young, I just studied as my mom asked. I studied to enroll better university when I was in a high school.
Once I enroll the university I wanted, then I studied to get better job. I did not have many experience when I was in the school.